Necki Tera


Necki Tera is a director and photographer's duo working in advertising‭, ‬music videos and films‭. ‬Of late‭, ‬They have been directing dynamic and gripping narrative work‭, ‬using his past experience to create sensual visuals that are rich in emotion‭.‬

Their work has taken them across the globe‭. ‬Directing videos for Steve Aoki‭, ‬Cirque du Soleil and Milk‭ &‬ Bone and shooting artists like Kaytranada‭, ‬The Internet‭ ‬and Thundercat‭. ‬Clients include Amazon‭, ‬Fila‭, ‬GQ‭, ‬Nowness‭.‬

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