dreambear is a contemporary production company in Brooklyn, New York. We engage with artists all over the world to create a customized experience; building client's brands through impactful storytelling. From inception to completion, we work with our clients to ensure a personalized and collaborative process for a product that is relevant and engaging.

dreambear works with you to craft a message that creatively engages your audience. There is a story behind every company and artist; a unique lens through which people get to know you. In order to tell your story with the greatest impact, dreambear builds a relationship with you that helps us get to know you and understand your goals. Since video and music do not occur in a vacuum, we have the capability to tell your story through live action, animation, music – whatever most effectively delivers your message.  And our relationship does not end with your video or music. We will continue to work with you once your product is complete: through publicity, careful placement, and guidance around marketing.